That’s What She Said Music Video


25 Responses to “That’s What She Said Music Video”

  1. Confused Says:

    How is this a music video? It’s an advertisement from NBC!

  2. Jjaywbdjdje Says:

    That was allright

  3. Henry l Says:

    That is fuckin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hrschghnvghv Says:

    Wat the fukin hell that’s so retarted for gods sak take that off the Internet

  5. A very dissapointed person Says:

    that was a comercial! And Jjaywbdjdje that’s what she said

  6. what??? Says:

    Hey um I feel so wierd asking this but can sum body please explain to me what TWSS mean I read the examples but don’t get it
    I’m 14 and I’m popular I cheer and have bright blue eyes and I have had 4 pipmples mi whole life
    So can u please tell me
    U can e~mail me at and make the subject TWSS or u can reply on this website and put
    To: mrs.HeLP
    Blah blah ( ur answer )
    So can sum body please help wit this I’m begging
    Thanks y’all
    Mrs .hELP

  7. mrs. retard Says:

    you only wrote i’m popular and all that crap because two reasons

    1. you don’t understand and want to lie about yourself cuz ur prolly emo and want people to answer

    2. you scare guys when they look at you and by describing that ur cool maybe ull meet someone that likes you on the Internet but then he’ll see you in person and die!!

  8. Bob Says:

    This app is sooooooooooooo awesome! My friends never see it coming. One person got a 100 on areally hard test and then someone said i want that and then… you know what happened!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Mrs. Help get a fucking life. Your retarded if you don’t know what twss means.

  10. Lol Says:

    My freind said Omg my juice spilled all over and I said Twss

  11. Stealbuns Says:

    Mrs help y do u need to say all that shit

  12. Stealbuns Says:

    I took a shit the other day a I was like that was a huge one and then my friend put the twss hehe

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Okay to the girl who discribed herself as popular and shit is prob a fat fucking 56 year old rapist!!!!!!!!lmao

  14. Lovablepandabear Says:

    Wow that was kinda funny exept that the fact is it’s a commercial

  15. My name is lol Says:

    I found that funny and mrs help Ur obviously trimg to make some friends so don’t pretend it doesn’t help anyone

  16. That's what she said aka Twss Says:

    Every one that’s what she said bitchs Bwahahahahahhaha

  17. Y101 do u ask Says:

    This app rocks mrs help get a dang life don’t post your aol cause now thousands of people have it or are u despritehummmmmmmmm guess what that’s what she said

  18. I'm amazin' at TWSS Says:

    Wowww mrs help… What was thatt all about??

  19. Twss Says:

    Jesus Christ if u don’t know wat the Tass means u need to get fucking life and another u r so stupid for posting personal info on the fucking Internet so I personaly think that ur some fat bitch waiting for a guy to reply so u can hit on him so just saying get a fucking life and in the middle of class yell that’s wat wat she said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. One who doesn't know how to talk to talk Says:

    Mrs. Help I don’t know what it means so me and u should defiently hang out … I don’t know what it could even mean is the she like a teacher and they learned about weird huge this like WTF?

  21. Stupid Says:

    u r soooooo retarded!!! U don’t put personal info on the internet about ur self!!!!! The guy thy answered last is prob a rapist and how could u not figure it out the meaning is all over the website and for petes sake look it up on frikin google!!!!! You are soooo helpless!!!!!!

  22. Guess Says:

    My friend said your so full of it today and I sad TWSS

  23. Twss bitches Says:

    to mrs n mr helpp yhur both dumasses the meanin is all over the website get fuckin lives yhu losers

  24. mrs.HeLP Says:

    I don’t know why you guys are so hard on me? (TWSS)
    I am smart and cum laude (TWSS)
    I love big ideas (TWSS)
    And, I know where you live (TWSS)
    So, don’t make me angry (TWSS)

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