Just Released: TWSS Pro!


We have listened to all the reviews and by popular demand, we are proud to present That’s What She Said PRO!  The PRO version of your favorite iPhone app is now available for download.

That's What She Said Pro iPhone App

The $0.99 TWSS Pro comes with these new features:

  • The Ultimate Collection of TWSS Voices. Updated Weekly!
  • Custom Sound Settings.
  • Sample Previews of all Voices.
  • Random Voice Control.
  • No Advertisements.
  • No Annoying Popups.
  • Download Now


9 Responses to “Just Released: TWSS Pro!”

  1. That’s What She Said PRO Now Available – iPhone App Index Says:

    [...] Visit http://www.thatswhatshesaidiphoneapp.com [...]

  2. Jake Says:

    haha I use this in class all the time and the teachers don’t know who’s doing it!!!!!=] thanks for the great app!

  3. Taylor Says:

    My classmates use this term in class a lot and it gets annoying when they do it but this is just funny! LOL

  4. Sam Says:

    It is so funny using this. I can make anything someone says funny but this makes it sound 5 times better. It is the best

  5. Hidden Feature Says:

    Open your iPod on the iPhone and select your favorite song, ie “Can’t Touch this”. Once it starts, put it in the background by pushing the home key. Then open TWSS and create your own TWSS sound track to your favorite songs!

  6. Nellyy Says:


  7. Tyree Says:

    When we are in ceramacs class my teacher said no wonder u cant do anything with it. It too wet. N i rushed to pull out my ipod to this app… :)

  8. Julian Says:

    Why would u use this app when u colud ealy sya Tess

  9. Carla Says:

    I have always been a fan of how open PP is with its couminmty, when it comes to game rules and balance issues, but I guess this whole War room debacle (as in the several delays in its release to solve assorted issues’ and now more issues still popping up ) could have been avoided, if they didn’t announce War room (and bomb’ I-bodger) 5-6 months before it was actually ready I hope these are just starting hurdles and won’t turn into a regular occurance every time they’ll update the cards/rules database Either way I’ll keep relying on Forward kommander for list building and old school printed rule books/cards’ for playing. I’m old fashioned, I know :)

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