That’s What She Said iPhone App

Just released! Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate response sound machine in any of your conversations with the That’s What She Said iPhone App, or in short: TWSS!

One tap of the That’s What She Said iPhone App after an innocent sounding comment by one of your friends, family, or colleagues, then BAM! Turn any discussion into a funny and often obscene joke!

Example A: In the ER, talking about a surgery.

   Doctor A “I think you may need to go in from behind”
   Doctor B “That’s what she said!”

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. The That’s What She Said iPhone App is the only one with true TWSS!

Download the That’s What She Said iPhone App today and leave us feedback on how you used “That’s What She Said” in a conversation.


17 Responses to “That’s What She Said iPhone App”

  1. cj Says:

    I downloaded it but its just a big red button where is the sound or words??

  2. Nick Says:

    While talking about this app…
    First person says: this is really good it’s very simple all you need to do is hit it hard

    Second person says: that’s what she said

  3. Robert Says:

    “Dude just promise me you’ll never push me into that again”

    “That’s so what she said

  4. Mike Says:

    While talking about my penis

    My friend
    Dude it’s so small!
    Thats what she said.lawl!

  5. Lb33 Says:

    Friend: that doesn’t go in there

    Me:that’s what she said

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Ok you need to be gentle when you slide it in .. There isn’t alot of room

    That’s what she said

  7. Anonymous Says:

    it’s so hard.. Is that my fault

  8. Anonymous Says:

    her phone is on vibrate :
    And with her boy friend and doing some naughty things…

    Ha that tickles
    Ouuu I’m vibrating

  9. Alysse Says:

    I downloaded this to my iPod touch and it doesn’t make any sound! How do I make it work?? Pleaaase :)

  10. Nolan Erickson Says:

    Friend1: Just slide it in slowly, than pull out fast.
    Friend2: Thats what she Said

    Baker: Yeah, Whip it good!

    Cook: Thats what she said

  11. Nolan Erickson Says:

    Get it in there!!!

  12. Bruce Erickson Says:

    Pool player 1: If i could just blow it a liittle maybe the ball will go in

    Pool player 2: Thats What She Said

  13. Shawna Says:

    My friend: well you cant just blow em off
    Me: thats what she said!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Its very long and hard. Talking a bout somthing. Thats what she didnt say XD

  15. Lolz girl Says:

    My friend to my other friend: did u get that wite clear rubber thingy yet? Boy: Thats what she sed. Me: ya that is what she sed! My friend was talking about a wite clear plastic bracelet that every one got…. this happend in math class the teacher was loling to and coulent stop loling eather. Happend 3/10/2010

  16. Lolz girl Says:

    Girl: ok só do u wanna be parterns in class? Boy: ok girl reada papper: ok ir sed get a papper bag and fillit whith stuff u do in Ur Free time. Girl: this is hard one. Girl: ok I’ll put in a white glow in the dark thingy that me and u ues Teacher passes: wow that’s what she sed.

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