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How have you used the That’s What She Said iPhone App in a conversation? Leave us your replies below:


114 Responses to “TWSS Feedback”

  1. admin Says:

    (teacher): I dont think you guys are mature enough to handle this unit.
    (students): Thats what she said!

  2. She Says:

    I didn’t say that!

  3. CJ Says:

    My best friend is actually she who says…

  4. Me Says:

    Me and my friends use this all the time(yes, that is in fact, what she said LOL)

  5. Dan Says:

    (friend). “just put the stick in the hole!”.
    (me) that is exactly what she said! Last night!

  6. Joe Says:

    Science teacher talks about experiment: I think we should do this like that.

    Me: that’s what she said

  7. Richard Says:

    Mother: get your homework done Richard geez why am I always on top of you

    Me: that’s what she said

  8. That's what she Says:

    Me : look at this worm
    Sister: wow it’s LONG look at it go in it’s HOLE
    Me: TWSS

  9. duuude Says:

    ^ dude… thats your sister!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Freind: it is just so hard to get out

    Me: twss

  11. ???? Says:

    friend: i was sweating so bad last night.
    me: thats what she said.

  12. Jack mehoff Says:

    I was pickin a scab one day and my teacher was like are you trying to make it bleed or is that how you always do it?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    This game is Hilarious. If the company who made this game is reading this right now here are some other apps you could make “what would Jesus do” or “bitch please” or the easy button that when you press it says “that was easy” or even maybe not for the easy button but for another one called “and how”

  14. That One Guy Says:

    Friend: Oh, that’s too big, I can’t use it.
    Me: TTWS!!

  15. Goofy Says:

    While friends are on the phone it’s funny as deuce cuz every now and then they’ll say sumthin that can be twssd

  16. Apple Eater Says:

    Grandma: can u help me put this in that tiny hole

    Me: twss!

    Grandma: WTF u perv go away b4 i flash u!

  17. Porkupine Says:

    Friend (talking about how small laptops can be made): Yeah I’ve seen 7 inch ones but not smaller than that


  18. David Says:

    This has to be the stupidest concept I’ve heard. It repeats ONE phrase and that’s it?

    And then it uses false advertising to promote it!! It has in the very first paragraph that it’s an iPod application (in addition to iPhone)? Really — and with what speaker would this work with?

    Sounds like complete marketing hype to the extreme. Even free, it sounds like it’s over-priced. I wouldn’t even trust this site with my email address… I don’t trust them.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Ummm David, the second gen iPod has a speaker… Get ur facts straight. Although I admit the concept is stupid, they should add a list of ways to use “that’s what she said” in the app.

  20. John Says:

    Dang if you think the phrase is stupid then you don’t have to get this (free) app. If you think outside the box twss can be used for a lot more than “it’s so big.” it’s only stupid if you can’t come up with something original.

  21. Drewber Says:

    Friend:the rubber always comes off.
    Me:thats what she said

  22. Pooper Says:

    Friend talking about candy:i was sucking on it and it exploaded in the back of my throat
    Me:thats what she said

  23. Yo Says:

    He said about a frozed chicken breast
    damn that’s some hard stuff
    Me: That’s what he said

  24. Guy who hates negative reviewers Says:

    Hey guy who spent three comments complaining:
    1. It’s FREE. why do you care if it’s stupid
    2. Listing three comments means listing your e-mail three times numb nuts.
    3. Just because your not quick witted enough to come up with your own TWSS jokes doesn’t mean you should call us stupid for having a basic level of common sense.
    4. Writing all that, you sound like an 8 year old who just started relizing he could cuss.
    5. There’s a thing on your computer called spell check. It correctly spells words and keeps you from looking like an idiot online.

    So yeah

  25. that gal Says:

    Hahahahahaha I agree. Dude get over yourself. If you’re really going to get that worked up about a free application just because it requires the sense of humor you obviously don’t have, go buy an app that cares.

  26. Sasquatch Says:

    My friend:(talking about a food fight) aww you missed.

    Me:Thats what she said!

  27. Sasquatch Says:

    My technology teacher:(talking about a motor) alright it should slip in and out easily, and there maybe sparks when you push it in.


  28. Ben Says:

    my friend was sharpening his pencil but he didnt have it in all the way
    teacher yelled “STICK IT IN FARTHER”
    me and my friends: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

  29. ThankUjesus Says:

    This is AWESOME!

  30. ThankUjesus Says:

    Seriously…this is AWESOME!

  31. DrummerGuy00 Says:

    girl student: this is so hard, its not easy

    man i was laughing so hard also someone said something and well here it is!

    girl student (diff girl): i tried pulling it out

    also this is the last one my friend caught me on this in class

    me: im just going to wip it out and touch it
    my friend: thats what she said
    -this one was actually real i know its hard to believe that but i wasnt thinking on what i said and i was talking about my ipod touch so ye

  32. He Says:

    Teacher – you can do it both ways
    Me- twss

  33. Kyle Says:

    This is so funny, i use it on yo mamma jokes. It makes it more halrious.
    My friend:yo mamma so stupid i told her drinks were on the house she went to get a ladder

    Note:that yo mamma joke was from “a free yo mamma joke”

  34. bob Says:

    Teacher: nice work dick, that must of been hard! Dick (the student) :that’s what she said!

  35. COREY Says:

    ( 2 guys builidng a shelf)
    Man1( reading instructions): insert part A into slot B

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Girlfriend talking about a spicy taco she was eating : that was hard to swallow.
    Me: that’s what she said

  37. mr.e ishmale notfemale Says:

    my mom: they have an app for that?
    Me: twss!

  38. Julia Says:

    today at lunch…
    My friend: It looks like a little hairy snake.
    Me: That’s what she said!

    Another friend: If it squirts everywhere, you’re going to have to clean it up.
    Everyone: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going to Canada

    That’s wat she said

    Can I go to bathroom
    That’s what she said

    What’s the homework

  40. Anonymous Says:

    omg i want that…

  41. Randy Says:

    Ummm… “use”… I can’t say I actually “use” the app, but it’s funny to show people. It would be 10-times better if you used the voice of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from “The Office.”

  42. Tiffany Says:

    Guy playing mario cart: Faster Faster!!!! Me: Twss

  43. Tiffany Says:

    Omg, look at the size of that giraffe!!!!! Me: twss

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a school teacher and I use it all the time! My only complaint, the voices always play in the same order

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Sign: Please use back door
    Me: thats what she said

  46. Tiffany Says:

    Confused student: I can’t reach it! Mom: use the chair. Me: twss

  47. Jose Says:

    Grant sucks camel dick

  48. Logan Says:

    Graphic design class
    (teacher) this rod should slide easily through this hole.

    (me) TWSS!

  49. Jose Says:

    You are invited to the pants party

  50. Andres Says:

    (someone spilled water on my friend) friend: look now I’m all wet because of you
    me: ttws!!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Put that hard and long stick into that tight little hole and push in and out slow then fast.


  52. Banana Mon Says:

    My friend talking about fruit by the foot he saideww why is it so long? Me TWSS

  53. Tiffany Says:

    Science teacher: When you put the stick in that hole it turns red from the moisture in the hole. Me: TWSS!!

  54. Chantal Says:

    (talking about hooking up a webcam) friend : it’s not going in . Me : that’s what she said!!! Me : is it in the right hole? Friend : that’s what she said!!!!! (talking about just stuff) dude : I don’t like plastic things they don’t hurt enough . Everyone : that’s what she said!!!!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    I set it out on the table when we go out to eat. I hit it when I hear sumthin good LOL

    It’s quite satisfying
    “that’s what she said”

  56. Dan Says:

    (talking about a lacrosse stick) Kid one: “Oh my god Danny, your stick is huge!”
    Me: That’s what she said!

  57. chewbacca Says:

    how do you record your own voice into the app?
    cuz i heard u can do that but idk how…

  58. bobert Says:

    me : shes gunnna blow


    SISTER (blowing up balloons): IM A REALLY GOOD BLOWER

    me: twss

  59. Tiffany Says:

    Student trying to push a rock: it’s to hard!!! Brother: push harder!!!! Me: twss!!

  60. Megan Says:

    a song me and my friend heard
    song:and I dug my finger deep in the hole
    me& my friend: that’s what she said

  61. Anonymous Says:

    A friend talking about a purse
    Friend:it’s big and pink and fuzzy!!

  62. Alissa Says:

    My friend was eating kiwi, and she’s like, “this is really slimy so it looks kind of gross, but it actually tastes good!” I laughed hysterically for about five minutes before I was phhisically able to say Tass,

  63. Alissa Says:

    Oops I meant t w s s

  64. Tiffany Says:

    Freind: I want you to ride me as hard as you can. Me: twss

  65. Tiffany Says:

    Happy April fool’s day peoples!!!!!!!!

  66. Chris Says:

    Aaron: (when scooping ice cream that had hardened in the freezer) This is such a pain in the butt!

    Me: That’s what she said!!

  67. Luke Says:

    My friend had a Christmas tie that has a button that plays music. She was messing with it and then I hear music playing and she says “aw, I was just rubbing it, I didn’t mean for it to go off!”

    Me: “that’s what she said!!”

  68. Petey293 Says:

    (friend talking about fruit) it squirted all over me

    (me) TWSS!

    (same friend talking about fruit again) I like em big and juicy

    (me) TWSS!

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Visiting the zoo
    Girl : look at the giraffe, it’s neck is long
    Me : it’s pointless, it’s so big you could never use it for anything
    Girl : TWSS

  70. LOL,ROFL Says:

    Ok so me and my neighbor are playing bilards (pool)then this happens

    Friend-I could get it in if that ball wasn’t in the way

    Me- Thats what she said!!!!


    I’m like WTF I’m not ever gonna explain it to you now he’s bugging me so much to tell him what it means.

    (at the begining of this “story” I said bilards not pool cuz that can be twissed) I mean realy think how someone cat twist your words if u say u were PLAYING POOL with your FRIEND

  71. LOL,ROFLh Says:

    Oh and he’s the same age as me

  72. Anonymous Says:

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Friend: dude, you hit too hard!
    Me: that’s what she said!!

  74. Floattebaisse Says:

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  75. RedFox Says:

    My friend (talking about her flute): I tried pulling but it won’t come out!
    Me: TWSS!!

  76. Dave Says:

    Friend A: I had a Jr. Whopper!!!!
    Me: That’s what she said!!
    Friend B: I know, I was there last night!

  77. Kelsey Says:

    AP Biology can result in some interesting Twss!

    Me (supposedly): I need a towel
    Friend: Twss!

    Teacher: (talking about the goggles cabinet) You can shut it just pull it hard
    Me: Twss!

    Friend 1: (cut on scissors in a lab) Scissors hurt!
    Friend 2: Twss!

    The trampoline is also a good place for twss!

    Me: Don’t bounce me so high, it makes me nervous
    Brother: twss!

    My mom also says some funny things

    Mom: be sure you do a thorough job
    Me: Twss!

    Mom: you never do anything right!
    Me: Twss!

  78. u queef a lot Says:

    (Talking about a fan)
    Person 1: That feels really nice….
    Person 2: TWSS!!!!

  79. Hannah Says:

    We were making a club for 1st period speech class, and somebody suggested we call it the “that’s what she said club.” Our speech teacher, who’s in her 60′s, asked if it was talking about some girl that lies a lot, as in, “that’s what she SAID.”

    Everybody was laughing so hard. We couldn’t explain that to her without getting in huge trouble. But that’s what we ended up naming it. XD

    Anyway, great app. I’ll use it a lot. :D

  80. The great CORNHOLIO!!! Says:

    Its fun to pull it out(thats what she said) during a class with a female teacher and use it after everything she says……..teacher:William, check it over but make sure it’s long enough. William:THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    I was at dinner at olive garden and my friend was throwing the Andes mints that they gave us out to every one at the table.

    “if you unwrap it, I’ll catch it in my mouth!”

    “that’s what she said”

  82. Allison Says:

    What I do is put a suggestive song on my iPod and tap away…that’s what she said!

  83. Billy Says:

    I use the button for that quizno’s commercial where the oven says, “Put it in me Scott!” that is so fun

  84. Shawna Says:

    My brother: Just eat it!
    me: thats what she said

  85. fun times in 1st hr... Says:

    my friends and I do it all the time (twss)

    “put that away sir I don’t appreciate that being out”
    “no one wants the little one” “i do!”
    “I like the chest on top”
    “I have to figure out how to pull it out” (our math teacher said that!)

    and this isn’t twss but it’s funny…”sorry, I was thinking bout my mom” LOL

  86. Anonymous Says:

    Hey David you said you wouldn’t thrust it? Lol that’s what she said.

  87. Bamm Bamm Says:

    True storyVV

    Teacher: Why is it so hard?! Eh, it doesn’t matter how long you keep it in for because were gonna try again tomorrow.

  88. Zombie Hunter Says:

    At my mom’s boss’s house playing Rock Band last night, after a beer bottle that was half full broke and the beer got all over the floor. Later, my mom’s boss gets up off the couch and says:

    Lisa (mom’s boss): Ugh I just stepped in something wet

  89. Matt Says:

    Me : Jesus it’s comeing down hard now! (talking about snow)
    Friend : Thats What She Said!!

  90. agjdldox Says:

    my friend is putting the pin of a poppy through the top layer of skin on his finger and he shows somebody and they say

    doesnt that hurt

    he says
    it only hurts when it goes in
    thats what she said

  91. Anonymous Says:

    This happened during math class one day

    Friend(girl): ewww! You got it all over the desk!
    Friend(boy): THATS WHAT SHE SAID!
    Everyone: laughs for like 10 minutes straight until our teacher told us to be quiet and stop laughing

  92. Laqusha Says:

    My friend was trying to wash her hands with a bar of soap.

    Friend: Ughh! I can’t hold on to it! It’s too slippery! Help me.

    Me: that’s what she said.


  93. Kelsey who loves twss!!!! Says:

    My brother talking to our dog: put that stick down and get over here!
    Me: bahah that’s what she said!!!

    Love this app!!

    And Dave, get a freakin life, seriously. Go complain to an app that actually does suck.

  94. Taylor Says:

    Friend: We should stop saying that’s what she said in class.

    Me: NO. It provides us so much pleasure when everything is boring and silent!


  95. Some guy Says:

    Ski club teacher talking about the mountian: It won’t be good because the didn’t have enough time to blow

    everyone: Thats what she said!

  96. jake Says:

    one time i was in the mall with my friend. he never had a prezle stick before and i had one in my hand.

    Him: hey can i try that stick of yours please, and what are they called?

    Me: thats what she said! and sure

    Him: okay can i have a thats what she said?

    Me: lmfao its called a pretzle……

    him: oh… what does lmfao mean?

    it goes on a long time but as u know friends fail……….(sometimes)

  97. Shelby Says:

    Friend: I don’t like to put it in my mouth. Everytime info I gag.

    Me: twss

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Ive got a few for you
    ok, so i do tae kwon doe. We have to do post position which is you get on all 4s and somebody puts their feet on your back.

    Nelson(friend):your slipping your slipping!
    Me: Your legs go back a little more

    Ok these are from school

    Teacher: Ok students, since most of you dont know how to use a pencil sharpener today i will teach you how.
    You put it in, you turn, and when you pull it out its sharp
    Me and friends:Cough TWSS Cough

    Today we had these dispersed kids come in. So we are about to grade papers and boom, they show up.
    Teacher: Why do you come at all the wrong times!
    The class: TWSS

    Back to tae kwon doe. Again today, i have a friend named Agrayo. So we are running and he says “go faster you 3 inch munchkins!”
    And then we are doing jumping jacks. He is showing this new kid how to do them. Arms go here, then here. Legs go here then here. And the rest of your body goes up and down.

    I will keep you updated

  99. The Captain Says:

    I’ve had several twss moments in class:
    Teacher: if you keep playing with it I’m gonna make you eat it, and it’s not going to be fun.


    Teacher:If it’s that big, you probably shouldn’t put it in your mouth.
    Guy sitting next to me:twss!

  100. awesome Says:

    Person 1 : turn it on ( talking about the tv)
    Person 2 : That’s what she said!

  101. brayden Says:

    (teacher) i hope i don’t choke on it

    (myself) THATS WHAT SHE!!!!!

  102. Kap Says:

    Please get rid of the audio that says … That’s what she said… Or he said. That just f’on ruined this app. It’s not ,.. That’s what he said so why the he’ll would you include that audio in there???? Super lame

  103. George Says:

    Helping to assemble table for prom:
    friend:take that off, put this one in here and that over there, dont do it like that.

  104. Anonymous Says:

    Drying lips while retracting from a waterfountain: wow that squirtes pretty hard!

    ThAt’s what she said!!!

  105. Robert Says:

    Homework assignment: Balls can be all different sizes they can be a small ping pong ball or a large beach ball. Balls can be really hard objects of soft. They can be solid like a baseball or hollow like a basketball

    me: TWSS

  106. Gaga Says:

    Watchn American pie (dis oz alrdy inapropriate anyway)

    girl: dis one time at band camp I stuck a flute up my pussy

    my 10 year old brother: data wat she sed!

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  108. Anonymous Says:

    friend: seriousy wht is it?!

  109. Rawr Says:

    I just plug it in to my sterio and use it in random conversations!

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Talking about somehthing gross:

    Friend: for god’s sake just grab it

    Me: ooh wait!

    *pulls out iphone*

    App: that’s what she said!!

  111. Arturo "mofo" Valdez Says:

    Awesome app. I say “that’s what she said all the time as to whatever sounds sexual lol. You should add a Spanish “that’s what she said” lol I think that would be pretty funny “Eso es lo que ella dijo” and a that’s what he said “Eso es lo que dijo”

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