That’s What She Said is something that is much funnier when the preceding phrase can in no way be construed as innuendo…!
“That’s What She Said!”

Instructions on how to use your TWSS button:

Example A: In the classroom, talking about a test.

Student A “Wow, that’s really hard!”
Student B “That’s what she said!”

Example B: Talking about a fragile object.

Man A “Pull it out slowly.”
Man B “That’s what she said!”

Example C: At a hotel, describing the room key.

Clerk “Put it in, then take it out fast.”
Man “That’s what she said!”

Its uses are endless!


95 Responses to “HOW TO USE”

  1. Supa Says:

    Player A: Oh, it’s my turn

    Player B: TWSS

  2. Mplax26 Says:

    1: why is it so big?
    2: TWSS!!!! Omfgroflmfao

  3. Bobbay Says:

    Patient: This feels really weird.
    Doctor: TWSS!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Think about what you did real hard and long


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Is it over yet?


  6. Twss Says:

    Player:a get that stick out of that hole. Player:b twss

  7. Danii Says:

    Your not doing it right!

    That’s what she said!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    get off me. Man twss

  9. Renn Says:

    Girl: Is this over yet?
    Man: that’s what she said!!!

  10. Tyler FN Says:

    At a steakhouse.

    Person A: “wow! This is really juicy, I like it!”
    Person B: “TWSS!”

  11. DrummerGuy00 Says:

    teacher: get on the wood
    me: twss

  12. Pimp Says:

    I’m lovin’ it

    That’s what she said.

  13. Pimp Says:

    Just do it.

    That’s what she said.

  14. Pimp Says:

    Have it your way.

    That’s what she said.

    (burger king)

  15. cahdos Says:

    at a camping trip:

    Do you like the starS with icecream?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Player a I like it, it feels good
    Player b TWSS

  17. Nae î„š go away î„… Says:

    Person a: whoa their right this is fun!
    Person b: twss!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    can I play with it?


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Stick it in my pussy


  20. Me Says:

    Talking about a cat

    u have to rub it nice and easy

  21. Anonymous Says:

    a. ouch that hurt.
    b. that’s what’s she said LOL

  22. Lindsay Says:

    When at a jewelry store:

    Girl: wow! It dangles!
    Store clerk: TWSS

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Person a: I think im going to get a bigger 1
    B: Twss

  24. TWSS Amazing Says:

    Fighting over a water bottle

    Person {watching fight}: Man you twisted it and pulled it and then it popped and all that stuff came out

    You: TWSS

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Mines well done

  26. Bobby Joe Says:

    Girl playing a game: Yessss!!!!!!

    Other person: TWSS

  27. Fezz Says:

    On a trampoline

    Person1: get off, you’ve been bouncing all day
    Person2: TWSS

  28. Matt Says:

    Person A: Can I smell it?
    Person B: I didn’t know it was white?
    Person C: TWSS!!

    (talking about alcohol)

  29. Anonymous Says:

    It not coming out

  30. meluhnee Says:

    *your friend asks if you wanna have another ice cream*

    Friends response: I don’t have room for two!

    Your response : TWSS!

  31. Chris Huggins Says:

    Teacher: I tought my algebra kids how to do it
    Me: Thats what she said
    Teacher: My throat is sore
    Me: Thats what she said

  32. IdgadBouNamesJustLemmePost Says:

    Kid1:Make sure my lunchbox is full

  33. IdgadBouNamesJustLemmePost Says:

    Meant it instead of lunchbox o-0

  34. That's what he said Says:

    what a stupid fucking game hwow about that’s what he said fuck this game

  35. Badazz Says:

    Put your dick in my pussy

    That’s what she said

  36. rich Says:

    teacher: your report cards are due tommorow.

    Me: Twss

  37. this app sucks Says:

    This app suckes cock

  38. this app sucks Says:

    fuck u

  39. loserrrr Says:

    some person: man, it’s to soft and it sticks to my hand.
    some other person: twss

  40. Leon Says:

    After being pushed in the snow lots of times

    I don’t wanna go back in I’m already all wet

    That’s what she said

  41. Pushpop!!!!! Says:

    (about a push pop)

    Friend or girl: how do u push it?????

    Me: twss

  42. Lol Says:

    This app is crap. THATS WHAT EVERYONE SAYS!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Ew! It’s salty!

  44. Hidden Feature Says:

    Open your iPod on the iPhone and select your favorite song, ie “Can’t Touch this”. Once it starts, put it in the background by pushing the home key. Then open TWSS and create your own TWSS sound track to your favorite songs!

  45. luyff Says:


  46. luyff Says:

    lick my dick

  47. Rawr_imma_kitty Says:

    Person a: are you recording this?
    person b: twss

    Person a: it doesn’t fit
    Person b: twss

    Person a: where’d you put it
    Person b: twss

    Person a: help me put together this jig-saw-puzzle
    Person b: twss

  48. chewbacca Says:

    how do you put your own voice into the app?
    some1 said u can do that but idk how…

  49. Anonymous Says:

    you can come out now


  50. Anonymous Says:

    Man1: That was a short period. Man2: TWSS!

  51. Jeff Says:

    Joker A: Thats what she said
    Joker B: TWSS

  52. admin Says:


  53. admin Says:

    test again

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Get youre dick out of my ass,, tssss xD

  55. greaser*girl$ Says:

    Sodapop: Wow. Look at that girl! She can do it
    Steve: TWSS!
    Soda: What the crap??
    Steve:( pulls out iPhone) it’s only the coolest app on the iPhone.
    Soda: let me try!
    Ponyboy and Johnny: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!

  56. Ur mom Says:

    Mmmmmm it taste so good

  57. Alissa Says:

    Teacher: if you need to turn around to ask your partner if it’s good and you’re doing it right, I won’t complain. TWSS

  58. madellensara Says:

    This is at an awkward angle!
    That’s what she said!

  59. Jim bob Says:

    Coach: keep going


    Coach: go father out
    You: twss

  60. haha Says:

    person A: can i have some advice?
    person B: no
    person A: wow that was deep.
    person B: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    I have seen this one before.


  62. Anonymous Says:

    Man: she was really good.
    2man: twss

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah move a little awwe that feels good!

  64. Thatswhatisaid Says:

    Suck my system. Twss

  65. Connor obrian Says:

    boy 1: mine is hard yours is Soft
    boy 2: TWSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Kk&&hearts Says:

    I like the way this feels in my mouth!


  67. Kk&&hearts Says:

    Stiick iit iin your juiice box and suck iit!


  68. Kk&&hearts Says:

    In math class:

    Me and mark will roll the dice on the plate so that it will protect the dice from falling off the table.


  69. Bob Says:

    1:It’s not working. 2:make it work! That’s what she said …. Or he said

  70. mclovin Says:

    Teacher: ur horrible!

    Student: TWSS

  71. azsd Says:

    i dont find any joke about it …..

  72. Billy Says:

    Teacher:That came out wrong

  73. Anonymous Says:

    At a resturant

    It tastes nasty!!


  74. Thats what she Says:

    At a Field Hockey game.

    Me: That`s what she said :)

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Walking on the beach

    Look out for the crabs!


  76. Ashley12 Says:

    After not takin a shower for a week

    I feel dirty


  77. Jack Says:

    while hsving an argument about how they write….

    Person A: Whoa! Mine is tiny!

    Person B: No, I’m pretty sure mine is waaayyy smaller than yours!


  78. Jack Says:

    It always comes out so awkward =(


  79. Jjjj Says:

    In science class describing a disection

    it’s all mushy and gross in there

    that’s what she said

  80. Sky Says:

    My grandma: I really hope he makes that white stuff again
    me: umm… That’s what she said

  81. Anonymous Says:

    Person 1 that was great

    Person 2 TWSS

  82. Anonymous Says:

    At a park
    person -a well that was so deep mud
    person-b twss

  83. lizardcanfly Says:

    its coming


  84. lizardcanfly Says:

    im coming already


  85. lizardcanfly Says:

    soooo gay bitch

  86. lizardcanfly Says:

    fuck yo mom nigga

  87. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t get it……..

  88. Anonymous Says:

    person a: uhhhh….
    person b: twss

  89. Gunman Says:

    Man: is it always gonna be wet like that? Plumber: that’s what she said

  90. Mackenzie Says:

    Teacher: do you want to read this orally or regularly ?
    Student: oral is the best!!
    Me: TWSS!!!

  91. zack Says:

    Person 1: I’m not going to take it off for you right now!
    Person 2: TWSS

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Mom says-Dont break your pen. Me-OW TWSS

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