The Google Android version of your favorite mobile app is now available! We don’t have a link directly to the Android Market, but check it here on That’s What She Said Android App.

Scan this QR code with the Barcode Scanner app!

Scan this QR code with the Barcode Scanner app!


16 Responses to “ANDROID”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    lovvvvve it

  2. mama Says:

    Lovvvve it

  3. Anon Says:

    PLEASE please please make an “in-it-endo” one?!?!?

  4. spencer Says:

    Awesome. Need to be able to lock it on just one voice for the android, and more girls voices.
    Maybe make it work as soon as the app opens to for a faster response.

  5. jessica (: Says:

    Omg I’m totally loving my twss app (:
    Maybe make a lol or OMG oone, that would be awesome (:

  6. mclovin Says:

    Make one that says rofl

  7. saar Says:

    Awesome app make one that says wtf

  8. Jesse boi Says:

    cool app !! make one saying “WTF”

  9. Cos Says:

    The girlfriend hates it, I love love love it. What else can be said? Lol

    A widget for immediate response would perfect it, that way the reply wouldn’t take so long to say TWSS after a comment has been made. Other than that its an awesome app 5*

  10. fraternity guy Says:

    I sit with it open at my fraternity meetings and wait for the right moment.
    Its really awesome bc I am in the nations first half deaf and hearing fraternity and whoever is talking/got joked than has to interpret the joke for our brothers.

  11. big-e Says:

    This app is amazing I only wish that there was a widget for the android because by the time you open it and push the bottom its to late for it to be funny

  12. Wayne Says:

    Luv it..but tere should be a widget and more voices

  13. anonymous Says:

    Awesome android app! But needs an update in settings so it can be changed to that’s what HE said

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