New: iGotcha Sucka iPhone App!

iGotcha Sucka iPhone App

From the makers of your favorite iPhone App, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID (A TOP 5 Apple iPhone App), would now like to introduce you to iGotcha Sucka & iGotcha Sucka Pro!

Are your cracka’ friends gettin’ up in yo face and you need a way to chill them the out? Has your boss been bustin’ yo chops and you wanna stick it to the man? Ladies, has your boyfriend been pimpin’ other hoes and you wanna put that sucka in check?

There’s now an app for that!

With the Gotcha Sucka iPhone App, you just select a phrase…Set the timer…Place the phone by your victim…And you got that sucka!

Funny Gotcha Sucka Videos:

Prank your friends from your computer:


Just Released: That’s What She Said Android App

The Google Android version of your favorite mobile app is now available! We don’t have a link directly to the Android Market, but check it here on That’s What She Said Android App.


Just Released: TWSS Pro!


We have listened to all the reviews and by popular demand, we are proud to present That’s What She Said PRO!  The PRO version of your favorite iPhone app is now available for download.

That's What She Said Pro iPhone App

The $0.99 TWSS Pro comes with these new features:

  • The Ultimate Collection of TWSS Voices. Updated Weekly!
  • Custom Sound Settings.
  • Sample Previews of all Voices.
  • Random Voice Control.
  • No Advertisements.
  • No Annoying Popups.
  • Download Now


Send Us Your TWSS Clips!


Help us improve That’s What She Said – send us your sound clips!

That’s right!  Now is your chance to have your voice featured on the popular That’s What She Said iPhone App.  We want to mix things up a little bit, so we’re going to be hand-picking some of the best and funniest TWSS clips we receive in the next week.  In addition to being FAMOUS (what fame is better than being featured on this awesome iPhone app?) we will post your name and an optional link to your website right here at (more…)


That’s What She Said iPhone App

Just released! Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate response sound machine in any of your conversations with the That’s What She Said iPhone App, or in short: TWSS!

One tap of the That’s What She Said iPhone App after an innocent sounding comment by one of your friends, family, or colleagues, then BAM! Turn any discussion into a funny and often obscene joke!

Example A: In the ER, talking about a surgery.

   Doctor A “I think you may need to go in from behind”
   Doctor B “That’s what she said!”

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. The That’s What She Said iPhone App is the only one with true TWSS!

Download the That’s What She Said iPhone App today and leave us feedback on how you used “That’s What She Said” in a conversation.


That’s What She Said Music Video